Amazon Music: Late To The Party? amazonprimerecently launched a streaming service called Prime Music… You may have missed it, I know I almost did (and I am an Amazon Prime member). With the recent increase in Amazon Prime membership from $79 to $99 I am always looking for added benefit to my membership, but is a streaming music service the best direction for Amazon to go in an effort to retain current customers and attract new ones. It just might be too little, too late for Prime Music.

I get it, Amazon wants to create value for their membership and wants to grow their brand and brand loyalty, but is this the right way to do so. They are joining an already packed field with competitors such as Spotify, Pandora, iTunes and Beats Music. Many of these competitors are major players with a strong hold on the streaming music industry.


So why introduce a new product line, a streaming music service? Well for one Amazon has been involved with music for the last 16 years in one way or another, starting with the sale of CDs which was their second category offering ever after books. Also, streaming is where the music industry seems to be going and amazon wants to be a part of that. They are also a very large and successful company who can afford to take a chance with a new product launch. A company as large as Amazon has the resources to take a hit with a new product and wait it out till it becomes successful. I think Amazons biggest challenge is going to be its music offerings. They only have a library of one million songs, which might seem like a lot, until you put that next to Spotify’s 20 million. Also the lack of new mainstramazon-prime-music-logoeam hits is a draw back. Other streaming services have all the current tunes and while Prime Music has the hit artists, it isn’t always their latest stuff. Not to mention that Amazon has yet to reach a deal with Universal Music, the world’s largest music label.


An intriguing new product choice for Amazon and knowing them they will continue to tinker with it and make improvements to it, but they may just be a little late to the streaming industry to make a real impact. As a Prime member I will continue to check back and use the streaming service from time to time and am interested to see how successful it can be; for now though it isn’t adding a whole lot of value to my $99.

Author: Gary Balakoff


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