Spontaneous Travel

There are a lot of companies doing spontaneous travel campaigns to promote their products. I like the concept of someone getting randomly picked and being whisked away on an immediate adventure. Wish that would happen to me. One problem, the commercials never seem legit, they always feel like it was staged. Here is one of the recent ads, Expedia- Find Your Spontaneity:

There is also an extended version HERE

When I watch these types of commercials, I feel like all the individuals are reading from a script, like they are hired actors, especially the people who end up going on the trip. For this Expedia one I picture the actor showing up for a shoot in the park, dressed like he just got out of work and reciting a few lines, then they film some clips of him packing. A few days or weeks later they do a location shoot in China on the Great Wall (who knows that may not even be real). Ok, I could believe a few of the people they talk to in the park are not actors, but I just don’t feel that the guy going on the trip is a random person.

Here are 3 recent online commercials I saw with spontaneous travel themes. What do you think, do these feel real or staged?

Doritos- The Boldest WWE Fan


Heineken- Departure Roulette


and Heineken- Departure Roulette En Route


The idea of spontaneous travel and giving a random person the experience of a life time at the drop of a hat is great and a memorable way to promote your product. I just wish the commercials felt more authentic and less staged. Even if they are not real, make me believe they are. I want to feel like there is a chance, even if a small one, that it could happen to me. (So you’re telling me there’s a chance.)

Author: Gary Balakoff


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