The State Of Digital Marketing In Sports (Infographic)

I have to admit, it has been a challenge keeping a regular blog schedule with a 2 month old little girl in the house now (not to mention a 3 year old little boy) and grad school, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. It keeps things interesting. I find myself having to use random times and places to work on posts. A couple of weeks ago, between trying to keep my son in bed and checking my iPad and the T.V. for Cleveland Indian’s updates, I remembered about this infograhic (from ECAL), The State of Digital Marketing in Sports.

Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, I love infographics.  They provide an eye catching, easy to read, quick method for delivering statics, facts and figures, but I digress. In marketing it is important to understand the different channels and what makes each successful. As a marketer, I also know how valuable it is to understand what your audience is paying attention to. I am a huge sports fan as well, which is why this infographic caught my eye. Taking a look at a specific demographic like sports fans and what companies are doing to reach those individuals makes sense, look at all the marketing campaigns centered around sports and athletes. While reading through it, a few of the points jumped out at me:

Individuals reach for their phone 150X a day– now that is a lot of checking the phone. One of the reasons I feel like the term Head Down Nation is so true. The graphic further breaks down of what people are checking with those 150X.

Going digital: MLS has stopped printing schedules– This makes sense to me; if people are using their phones to check schedules, why waste the time and money printing them.

Community based initiatives– Teams and leagues are utilizing the social media communities and creating specific campaigns directed towards them utilizing hashtags, retweets, shares and likes.

Personalization of services– with sports apps and websites, users can customize them with their favorite teams and leagues to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Sports are big business and fans are big users of mobile devices and social media. Want to tap into that market and reach those potential customers? This infographic provides reasons for having a digital marketing strategy to do so.



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